Last night we were supposed to run a thirty-minute easy run. That did not happen. I'm not sure why exactly we didn't, we just didn't. I actually really regret not going out. I regret that I let my lazy-ass gamer win out and keep me inside. I did have the day off from work yesterday, so there was plenty of time to get a run in. . . . Blah.

On the other, more motivating, side of things, Mark was successful in his run to raise money for the Red Cross. He ended up running 41.47 miles over the course of twelve hours. That's an extremely impressive feat for a good cause; major props to him. I can't imagine being on my feet that long, let alone running that long. That kind of running is perhaps not something I wish to strive for, but it just goes to show what IS possible with sheer determination. Kudos!

In terms of running, I am actually excited about this week. The mileage goes up a little bit from last week (up to about fifteen miles), which will be nice to get back into. I think part of the reason yesterday didn't work out (and no offense intended to people who are working up to the distance; it is a very respectable distance!) is that a thirty-minute recovery run just wasn't compelling enough to motivate me outside into the frigid, rainy elements. Knowing I will be doing longer runs is, in a weird way, more motivating and fun, so I'm less likely to skip it. I'm crazy, I think.

On a completely unrelated subject that some of you may find interesting, a new batch of beer went into my keg on Sunday. I will now be serving Cranberry Bock for the Thanksgiving season. Have a good Tuesday everyone, and just remember (as we all too often forget) to make sure chromosome 17 wasn't removed from your reference files accidentally!