Happy Thanksgiving Short-week! Because of the holiday, there will be no post on Thanksgiving. Weigh-in Wednesday will go ahead as scheduled, and look for a race recap and pictures of our team Turkey Trot on Friday. Try to get your data in ASAP on Wendesday, as I will have limited time to aggregate and post everything.

This past Saturday was back to the schedule after a pretty poor training week. We headed out in the afternoon for a nice five-mile run all the way downtown and back. The weather was beautiful and the run was pretty good. It is amazing though how hard it is to get back to running again full-time after having taken such a long break. My legs have been very sore and my IT band has been pretty painful. It's almost liked I haven't really used it in a month! It was nice though to get a good five-mile run in. There is just a generally good feeling knowing that you did well and are done working out for the day. We ended up doing a little bit more actually because it felt better to keep our legs going rather then walk back from where we ended the run. Crazy.

As mentioned above, this Thursday is Thanksgiving. It is also the first time my whole family will be running a race together! I am pretty excited to see everyone line up together and start the race off. I think in my immediate family there will be eight of us running, and countless friends to boot! What I am most excited about is changing one of the most gluttonous days of the year into a day where we are now guaranteed to get some exercise in. It makes me pretty excited for the rest of the holidays knowing that everyone else in the family is on board with getting in and staying in better shape.

Turkey Trots are typically filled with a ton of people in fun costumes and groups of families. Have you ever raced a Turkey Trot, and if so what is your  favorite part of them?