Ellie and I are all registered up for our next official road race. We are going to be taking part in the Buffalo Freezer 5k. It is one of the last races of the year, and we really wanted to get one more race in. It should be a fun time, let me know if you are going to be taking part, and maybe we could meet up for a beer at Lagerhaus 95 afterward!


The tracking system's Chatter Feed received a facelift last night. Here is a preview for all of you who haven't logged in yet:


It is formatted in a Facebook timeline style because I thought that would be a fantastic way of laying out the information. I figured that it wasn't worth reinventing the wheel and redesigning a UI element when I knew of one that was pretty well done. The code came from a nice tutorial online that made it fairly easy to implement too. Let me know what you think!

Five Pounds Makes A Difference

Last night I hit the cold dark streets for an evening run. Honestly this was the first run out in several days. I haven't been sticking to my schedule, nor really putting time into training . . . and it has quickly caught up to me. On Wednesday I posted a decent weight gain, though all of it has fluctuated back off since then! Even still, running was brutal. I felt sluggish, lethargic and just generally not in shape. It blows my mind how even 2.5 miles was a struggle last night when a week before I did 5+ without too much issue.

I never really appreciated how much losing a few pounds can make you feel better when exercising. While I lost the majority of my weight last year it was difficult to notice a day-to-day effect on training. Now, having been stagnant since August around 190, a few pounds up or down feel like a huge swing and a major issue. I guess when your body is used to training at a certain equilibrium, disrupting it can have a major impact.

I'm excited to get back to racing, especially with the plan of running at least one race a month all next year. I think it will really help me maintain, and bring me down to my final target. As long as I can avoid those tasty treats on Christmas!

Have a good weekend everyone, get some long runs in over the weekend!