First and foremost, a major major shout out to Jade and David who are getting married today! Ellie and I are both very excited for you guys, and wish you the best of luck. Congratulations!

Here at 2 Fat Nerds, each Wednesday is a Weigh-In day, where all of the data from the previous week is collected, displayed, and analyzed. Now, let’s dig in to the results!


Each week, members who have opted to have their weights publicly displayed for the world to see have them graphed on the main blog. It is a great way to keep track over time, and it gives a bit more accountability to your workouts. If you are interested, leave a comment!



Keep up that trend Adrienne!


Anti-fat points (AFP) is a system designed to give some sort of value to each and every workout, regardless of type. It is based on metabolic-equivalent values out of the compendium of physical activities. Submit a workout, get AFP. Each week we post the totals for each person for the week. In addition, you may see the monthly AFP leaderboard on the right-hand sidebar. This is meant to be a fun way to encourage competition to see who can earn the most points!

chart_3 (1)

Huge week for Jeff, Lauren, Raice and Susie S . . . I am starting to see a trend of the people in the top 5!


The Chain Game is a fun little system we came up with to see how many consecutive weeks a person can complete a minimum of three days of workouts. Every week in a row that a person completes the three-day goal, he or she adds one link to his or her active chain. For more information see this post!

Another one bites the dust. Good streak Dave!

Another one bites the dust. Good streak Dave!

The November Challenge

The November Challenge is still going! Please read up on the post for the explanation of the challenge.

Short again this week. I have a feeling this challenge is going to turn into a New Years Resolution Challenge....... =)


Each week we chart our cardio-based workout distances (no cycling included). We add another 150 km to our trip!