This coming Sunday is our last race of the year, The Buffalo Freezer 5k! The weather forecast isn't stellar, with a call for rain, but one thing in our favor is that it should be in the fifties!

I am excited to be doing another race in Buffalo, on our home turf. All of the last several races that we have taken part in have been at least four hours away, and it has been a little bit difficult to travel and maintain a routine. Just a short ten minute drive will be a nice change! It'll also be fun to hopefully bump in to a few familiar faces and be like, "Oh I didn't know you ran!"

Getting an email telling when and where packet pickup is scheduled to be is for some reason super exciting to me. The novelty of it hasn't worn off yet and I still get that feeling of like, holy crap I am racing this weekend! Even though this is a small local race with no big expo, there is still an exciting buzz in the air.

One thing about running, and now racing, is that regardless of your skill level (unless you are an elite runner), you get treated the same as everyone else. The 50 minute walkers wait in the same lines as the sub 20 track stars. I like that, and it gives a good positive community feel to it. People are just happy to go out and run a race.

I'm pretty excited for this race, despite my lack of dedicated training. I probably won't PR or really achieve anything extraordinary, but instead I think it'll just be a lot of fun. This will be the last race of 2012, which has proved to be a pretty action packed year of racing for me and my entire family. We've completed 6 races so far, which blows my mind considering this time last year only a few of us were training with any regularity. What a difference a year makes.

Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck to anyone racing!