I mentioned in yesterdays post that I was going to take a look at the November Challenge Requirement of 165 AFP as a Team Average. I've generated a plot that I want to discuss first, and then the change I plan on making to the challenge!


Above is a graph showing the total number of unique users (in red) who have submitted a workout in a given week. The Green indicates the team average AFP for a given week.

I wanted to look at the relationship between the number of people submitting, to our team totals. My theory is that because the team average is currently based off of ANY workout registered, as the number of users increase, so to does the number of people who only submit one day of workouts etc. My initial idea was to include every single member into our team average. The challenge was  to encourage everyone to build that team average up, from the one day a week walker all the way up to those training for marathons and beyond. In reality though, there is a good amount of users who are really just dabbling in the waters of the system and fitness in general.

I am a big fan of people doing what they are comfortable with, that is the whole reason behind this blog. Alternatively I also want to encourage already active people striving towards the completion of the challenge. To encourage both of these things, I propose the following amendment to the challenge:

To have your scores counted toward the Team Average, a minimum of three days of workouts must be submitted to the system. Those fat nerds who submit less will not be included in the team average, though your AFP will still be posted as usual.

This does make the Challenge slightly easier, but I believe it will still be a significant challenge. I also think it makes it a bit more motivating to know that by getting to three days a week you are contributing to the team challenge. Achieving 165 AFP is no small feat, and I think it will still take many dedicated people to pick up the slack to get it done.

Let me know what you think of this change, I'd love to hear some feedback on it!