With the end of the world come and gone, and pretty uneventful so far, my excuse for taking it easy has gone out the window. I figured if the world was ending I was in good enough shape to outrun the swarms of zombies and locust that would plague us. I suppose these events are better off not coming to fruition, but boy, was I looking forward to outrunning zombies. I suppose now that it is back to the grind, I'll have to start getting back to more serious training, so I can stay fine-tuned for the next predicted end of the world. It looks like we are safe until 2017 . . . at which point the Prophet Gabriel is supposed to lay a smack down on us. Bring it!

With Christmas fast approaching, so to is the onslaught of family obligations, random friends dropping by, impromptu nights out on the town, eggnog, cookies and all the other good things that we've been preaching against the whole year. The nice thing about life is that we are faced with opportunities and choices that keep things interesting. I guarantee most of us will let go a bit and enjoy the holidays as we should. The cool thing about this blog though is that at least it keeps us honest each Wednesday. Perhaps I ate a bit too many cookies on Christmas, you will all see it on the graph the day after! Maybe it is a good time to get more people signed up for the weigh-in chart!

I also want to take a quick second and do a public service announcement. 2FNS is going dark over the next few days until Wednesday the 26th, which will be a full-service Weigh-In post. Hopefully everyone gets their stats in on time! I hope everyone has a great holiday, everyone stays safe—for reals please don't drink and drive, run generators inside, leave the fire burning outside, or have any other preventable disasters—and hopefully no chains will be broken!