Here at 2 Fat Nerds, each Wednesday is a Weigh-In day, where all of the data from the previous week is collected, displayed, and analyzed. Let's see what data was submitted this week!

2012 End of Year Facts

  • 102.5 Pounds were lost by people tracking their weight publicly.
  • 9253.8 miles were covered across all workouts.
  • 99660.5 Anti-Fat points were earned.
  • 2364 hours were spent working out.

Weight Loss

Each week, members who have opted to have their weights publicly displayed for the world to see have them graphed on the main blog. It is a great way to keep track over time, and it gives a bit more accountability to your workouts. If you are interested, leave a comment!


Too Much Partying??

Too Much Partying??

As always, if you would like to get in on the weight-loss game, leave a comment or email me and we can get you going!

Anti-Fat Points

Anti-fat points (AFP) is a system designed to give some sort of value to each and every workout, regardless of type. It is based on metabolic-equivalent values out of the compendium of physical activities. Submit a workout, get AFP. Each week we post the totals for each person for the week. In addition, you may see the monthly AFP leaderboard on the right-hand sidebar. This is meant to be a fun way to encourage competition to see who can earn the most points!

Jeff didn't let the Holiday's get in his way. Show off!

Jeff didn't let the Holiday's get in his way. Show off!

Basically this was pretty expected... people were busy getting their Holiday Party on. Back to work this week!

The Chain-Game

The Chain Game is a fun little system we came up with to see how many consecutive weeks a person can complete a minimum of three days of workouts. Every week in a row that a person completes the three-day goal, he or she adds one link to his or her active chain. For more information see this post!

The 2012 Chain-Game wraps up today and goes into the record books. Let's see how people did!


Overall I am extremely happy with how everyone did in 2012. Three people managed to build their chains completely since we announced the project 30 weeks ago. That is an absolutely amazing job. Many others preformed spectacularly as well, only letting one or two weeks go at a time before getting back and rebuilding their streaks.

With that, I want to announce the plans for 2013. I would like to *reset* the Chain-Game. Bring everyone back to 0 weeks and on an even playing field for 2013. I want to do this for a couple of reasons:

  • Encourage people just getting started to work on their chains, and not be intimidated by people 30+ weeks into the game already.
  • Encourage people who broke a rather long chain to restart the process for the new year.
  • Encourage people who are currently maintaing their long streaks to shoot to break their 2012 record in 2013.

I'm sure not everyone will be thrilled with the idea, but I really want to have a fresh start for everyone in 2013. I'll be building the 2012 results into the tracking system ... in a trophy case sort of way in the weeks to come, so that streak will be there for all to see.

With that, I encourage everyone to build their chains this week and get in on top of Week 1!

The November Challenge

The November Challenge is still running. With the new year here, I really do expect to see this challenge fall quickly. Lets get it done and have a huge first week in the new year!


Another 80km this week!