Before this blog, I do not think I would have ever admitted to doing a work out video, let alone a video called "Yoga Booty Ballet." Apparently my sense of humility has gone out the window after posting my weight for the past year and several months.

A couple of evenings ago Ellie and I really did not want to head out into the cold night to run, nor go to the gym. Instead, she insisted we do a workout video. She used to do these pretty often before we really got into running, so I was vaguely familiar with some of the titles. To her amusement I shouted out "Yoga Booty Ballet." That was all she needed to hear and popped in the dvd. Despite my protests we eventually started, sitting on our barely used yoga mats.

yoga_booty_ballet_thumbLiterally, with five-pound weights in my hands, my arms have never hurt more in my life. After dancing around for what must be like 3 sets of 40 repetitions each across many muscle groups, my whole upper body was absolutely killing me. I gave up the lower body movement just to try to get the upper workout done, and even that was too much. The hippy ladies on TV kept saying I was doing a great job. Liars. I was definitely not channeling my inner-chi. I have no problem running several miles, but 15 minutes of cardio ballet-like yoga stuff and I was done.

Workout videos always seemed kind of silly to me. I felt like I never got much out of them, but I realized that you only get as much as you put in. If you really try to follow everything they do, to keep pace and rhythm, work on the proper form and technique . . . there is literally no way in hell you won't see good results. Most of them are really good total body workouts. Getting over the initial silliness of it all reveals an intense cardio routine that really will take time and effort to master.

Will I be doing Yoga Booty Ballet again? Yep. I need to work on my inner goddess. Namaste.