I love living in the Northeast because of the seasons. Each season in New England is unique and offers different adventures! People that whine about winter are just not taking advantage of the season. 

As I'm still fun-employed, I was completely available to go skiing in the morning when my cousin called me at 10pm Monday night. Paul picked me up at 6:30 Tuesday morning and we drove far away from Boston to hit the slopes. It was a perfect day. The sun was shining, it was a balmy 40 degrees, there was no wind, and as it was a Tuesday morning (we missed first tracks by about 20 minutes), there were no lines to whine about. We skied for about 4 hours, stopping only briefly to eat a box of Triscuits. 

We went to Butternut, which is a "mountain" in the Berkshires. It's a beginner mountain, which was fun, because as terrain was not a challenge, I really got to focus on my technique, ultimately giving my legs more of a workout. We hit every trail at the mountain, maybe twice, and it was just pleasant

Getting out and enjoying the winter for a day, doing something active, was a great way for a change of headspace. It was one last adventure before the end of the holiday season, and just being outside was refreshing. Skiing is a great form of exercise, as long as you ski long enough to offset the time on the chairlift and you don't consume more calories in hot chocolate than you burn shreddin' the powpow. 

So, I know skiing isn't a super-accessible form of exercise, but I guess my point is to look for unconventional activities to rack up your AFP! Think outside the gym, and you will have a mountain of fun. 

New employment idea: ski bum?