Back in November, I wrote a post discussing the battle of my alter egos, the Lazy-Ass Gamer vs Fitness Blogger/Runner. This is an ongoing battle for my time, and when a small victory is won, it often swings to the extreme. For the past few months, really since the Half-Marathon in October, my gamer really has dominated.

And then January happened. Nine of the past fourteen days of this month have a worked out session marked on the calendar. Eight of the last eleven days. I'm actually going to hit the 165 AFP mark for the first time since setting that goal for the team, and I'll actually pass it by a large margin too!

My Calendar in the 2FNS Tracking System. Blue is workout days, Orange is weight submissions.

My Calendar in the 2FNS Tracking System. Blue is workout days, Orange is weight submissions.

It has come at the expense of my alter-ego though. The Lazy-Ass Gamer has fallen off the face of the planet this past week and a half. No longer am I logging in at night to wage immense galactic battles in our new favorite game, Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion. Space boats, as we call it, is probably the most addictive, complex game that takes an incredible amount of actual time to play. The problem though is that after a long day at work, after walking the dog and hitting the gym, it just isn't one of my priorities. Granted, I still fully intend on playing with my brother for hours, Civilization 2 style, it will have to wait until one of my rest days (ie. tomorrow) before I can really justify sitting and playing.


Thinking about my alter-ego war for the past few months, it makes sense. Yes, I have an addictive personality where I go all in on one thing until it is either done with, or it is seriously time to stop. But really, once you train hard for 20+ weeks for a race, it makes sense to take a break from that too. It is why sports seasons aren't year round. Gaming is no different, burn out and just general too-much-ness will inevitably creep in. I suppose it is a good thing then, that I have alternate hobbies that contrast so perfectly. Sometimes rest and time away from what you like is essential for you to continue liking it.

And so, the full-time training cycle has returned. After a few months of recharging, I think January was my time to start again and accomplish my next set of goals. I am truly stoked for this training cycle to be underway.