Working towards a healthier lifestyle is not something that happens overnight and its not something that can be done going “cold turkey.” You can’t change lifelong bad habits immediately. I have a pretty bad habit of snacking, particularly at bars, and especially after some kind of mundane life crisis, of which I am prone to having. But, as part of my 2013 resolution to follow through on all of my endeavors, I have decided to become less of a nachos-in-the-face kind of girl.


Nachos are probably my favorite food. They are amazing, and they are really hard to mess up (although, somehow it happens occasionally). The nacho has transcended the Mexican restaurant and they are now everywhere--in every bar, grill, tavern, pub, and diner. Any night of the week I can have delicious tortilla chips doused in cheese and covered in chili with a side of guac, sour cream, and obesity. I go out a lot, and because I have no self-control, I have gone on a taste test of all of the best nachos in the greater Boston area.

One week ago I decided to give up nachos (for a while, not forever--I’m not a monk). I was out at a bar in Harvard Square with a group of friends I made while in school, all of us publishing majors. While commiserating over oxford commas and the like we shared a giant plate of nachos. For the first time, the nachos tasted like regret melted on guilt because the Biggest Loser challenge raged on in the back of my mind.

So I’ve been nacho-free for seven days and I don’t see a relapse coming any time soon. I’m sticking to my plan to follow through on this one, even if it is less fun than jalapenos and black beans. Just like Jon in the gym with his weight-training, it’s all about starting small, taking baby steps, and growing slowly.