Important news: B.A.A. 5k registration is now open! If you’re going to be in Boston on Marathon weekend -- Sunday, April 14th -- register to run this awesome race downtown with the 2 Fat Nerds crew! The finish line is the same as that of the Marathon, so you can pretend you ran the whole thing!

There is nothing better than a Monday morning where you don’t feel like the weekend ruined all of the progress you made the week before. Battling the weekend is a huge obstacle to anyone trying to get their butt into shape. After the long week, it feels natural to kick back with a pizza and a beer, or head out on the town with friends. Relaxing is definitely an important part of mental health, so I’m all in favor of celebrating the weekend. My problem, thus far, has been learning to celebrate in moderation. I tend to get swept up in the moment and stuff my face, so that has been something I’m working on. But I didn’t do that (too badly -- see also, binge drinking and 2am chinese food) this weekend! So, yay!  

The goal of this new year has been to follow through. I have a terrible record of not finishing things I start. I have been very conscious of this since the beginning of 2013, and I think this may be my longest-sustained New Years resolution. And yes, I realize it’s only February 4th and that is slightly despicable, but hey, I’m different this year -- it’s fine. I have been following through on fitness plans and social plans, and specific personal goals. I've had a great team of support helping me through this. In addition to the awesome nerds in this community, my roommates have also been outstanding. They are privy to all of my indecision when it comes to actually doing things. They hear me as I attempt to rationalize my way out of doing something, and they have been strong for me, constantly yelling “Adrienne! Follow through!” -- it’s become quite a mantra. So, with their help, I’ve been building my chain, eating at home more often (and actually grocery shopping!), and being less of a miserable flake when it comes to social plans. Thanks, guys!

Recent successes:

I completed my first-ever mile swim! I realized a couple months ago that I may never actually like running, and it’s much easier to sustain a fitness routine if you enjoy it (sounds obvious, yeah?). I’ve been swimming at least three days a week, and in addition to really loving it, I have been getting faster and stronger -- it’s incredible to actually feel results.

I’m no longer ‘unemployed.’ I’m borderline happy about this.

I started writing again. I went to college for creative writing, and abruptly stopped a year ago for various reasons. Having been upset about this for the past year, I can finally say I actually started again, and I feel better than I have in months. When you get one part of your life in order, everything else seemingly falls into place.