The title says it all. Over the weekend, Ellie and I registered our dog, Audrey, for an account in the tracking system. Audrey is by no means a fat dog, or really a nerd, but she does have a few pounds to lose, per doctor's directions. To help keep track of her activity and her weight, we thought why not! Sign her up.


Wait wut?

Audrey most likely has a genetic condition of dwarfism, which has caused her front legs to be oddly formed. It really doesn't impact her running, or playing, or really anything at all . . . but in order to prevent future issues like arthritis and other joint problems, we are trying to keep her on the lighter side. For a while we were doing really well, keeping her right around the 35-pound target. We had her out running nearly a 5K distance at least once a week. Unfortunately as Ellie and I started pushing longer, faster runs, we were no longer able to bring her a long. Since then, she has gone up to 41. Time for doggy to slim down!

Rather be sleeping with her sausage links.

Rather be sleeping with her sausage links.

Thinking about using the tracking system for this purpose really got me excited. It will help Ellie and I make sure she is getting enough exercise and help us keep track of her weight better. I think it is really easy to let things get out of control with pets because they can't voice their displeasure about gaining a few, and they would never complain about eating bad foods. (I think Audrey rather likes the turkey off my sandwich.) I am hopeful that it will help keep us on the right path with taking a bit better care of her.

So with that, expect to see some of Audrey's workouts logged to the system!