Last night I sat down and looked at the schedule I had planned out a few months ago . . . mostly to access how badly I have been slacking. I wanted to see how much time there is until some important dates arrive, and what we will need to do between now and then. Naturally I put into spreadsheet form, and as a result, a new and improved schedule for all of you to enjoy!


2FNS Training - Running Schedule

I like making schedules and planning things out. I think a lot of it has to do with conceptualizing where we will be by the end of the program, and seeing months ahead of time what is to come. I look forward to future race days, and the trips out of Buffalo that comes with them.

I am looking forward to this race season. The 5K race will be pretty exciting, as my entire family, as well as many other 2 Fat Nerds members will be representing at the race. On top of that, Amy over at Lavender Parking is running the full Marathon the next day, so we are all excited for her as well. Boston should be a lot of fun this year, and I am glad to see it quickly approaching. On a side note, I do plan on getting team shirts this year for everyone who wants one for race day. I am looking to get some decent moisture wicking performance shirts that people actually want to run in, and I want to get them in people's hands before race day, so they can train in them a little bit. There is nothing worse than a new shirt on race day.

In terms of general blog information, The Biggest Loser challenge was a pretty big success in my eyes. After talking with some people, I think I am going to look into continuing with that style of graphing for Wednesday posts. I am always looking for different ways to motivate people, and I am also looking for new challenge ideas. If anyone has any suggestions, shoot me a comment or email/tweet.

Happy Thursday, Congrats to Pope Jorge, and I hope everyone is enjoying their early spring weather . . . as it continues to snow in Buffalo!