This is the third installment of Member Spotlight, where we sit down with a member of the community that not everyone may know. This week Pat, the recent winner of the 2FNS Biggest Loser Challenge was kind enough to chat!

Cookin Bacon

Cookin Bacon - Before Weight loss

I've known you for quite a while now, going back nearly ten years actually. You have gone through many cycles on the weight-loss front, having done Atkins, portion control, exercise and so forth. Through your experience, what has worked, and hasn't worked for you?

A lot of diets work at least in the short-term. But eventually you get a craving that knocks you off the horse/wagon/some better metaphor and the weight starts coming back. I'm of the opinion that you diet to lose weight and you exercise to get fit. Anytime I try to kick up the intensity on exercise to lose weight, I just end up more hungry and eating more, so I've been going a more calorie-denial route. Not-eating 500 calories is easier than burning 500 calories.

I suppose that is a very Pat-approach / know-yourself approach,  I like it. Those in our audience who don't know you, you have type 1 diabetes. Have you noticed any benefits to losing the past 25 pounds? What kind of impact has getting healthier had on that? Any improvements on A1C levels or other measurables?

My blood sugar control has been improving, but I mostly credit that to the Continuous Glucose Monitor which I was finally able to get. I got this around the same time as I put my serious weight-loss face on, so it's tough to say exactly. Typically, better blood sugars result in weight gain due to increased insulin doses but since I've basically been eating fewer carbs I haven't needed to change my insulin dosing too much.

Whatever the reason, good to hear. I believe you would agree with me when I say, "Spite makes right." What has motivated you to get involved in 2 Fat Nerds, besides my constant pestering? What motivates you to stay on track?

As with most of my decisions, Spite does weigh-in (that's not a pun and I'm sorry for implying it's one). Long story short, I got too close to a weight I didn't want to be, then decided I should shoot for a stupid unrealistic goal so that when I fail I'll have expected it. Kind of Spiting future-me I guess? I'm sure that's a healthy psychology.

Whatever works! On the bright side, if you keep up the rate you are going at, you might actually achieve your stupid unrealistic goal. Last Wednesday you earned the title 2 Fat Nerds Biggest Loser. You lost the most percentage weight over the past eight weeks, and actually the most weight in pounds too. You left a comment that you wanted that type of reporting to continue, why? What did you like about that challenge?

The challenge was another constant reminder and forced me to shame myself further whenever I cheated for a meal or snack. Also, winning is great and I'd like to keep that going.

Often you give valuable feedback on what should be improved in the system and the blog in general. Do you use any other apps, tools or systems to help you with your goals? I believe you have been walking pretty regularly during lunch and other times, what are your workout goals and how do you obtain them?

At one point I had been using MyFitnessPal. I may have even turned you on to it? It was a while ago. I haven't been using it recently since I've basically eradicated variety from my diet.I had been using an old counter-weight style scale for a while but about 4-5 months ago I got a new digital one since the old scale was getting finicky and I didn't really trust the values anymore.To segue (I did not think that was how that's spelled) into the second part of that question, I'm pondering getting an exercise bike for when the weather starts to warm up since I can't be bothered to exercise when it's 90 degrees and 90% humidity. I'm hoping placing it directly in front of the air conditioner will motivate me to use it regularly. I had been using a punching bag for a little mixed cardio/resistance exercise, but I haven't done that in a while. I'm hoping to work in some use of dumbbells to get a little more resistance exercise in than I currently am. Don't want to overdo it, as I'm worried about a kick up in hunger if I get a little too lively.

That amuses me, since I look forward to earning more delicious food when I work out =P. Lastly, You are a pretty active gamer, are you currently playing anything exciting or new right now? Are you playing the new SC2 release?

I am gaming regularly. I was playing the new Tomb Raider before that got interrupted by the new StarCraft expansion, but I've just finished that, so hopefully I can go back to being shamed by how incredibly more physically capable Lara Croft is than I am. She just climbs walls and pulls herself up precarious ledges and jumps off falling debris without it seeming to drain her at all. It's quite impressive and I feel like I should have these skills and capabilities when/if the zombie (or any other) apocalypse happens. Never mind that it's fiction, gotta grab motivation wherever you can find it!