This is a short one, I have too much to do!

I love living in New England. Being close to the beach and the mountains is a great perk, but my favorite thing about this area is the seasons. We have them all and each one brings something unique. Winter has a bad reputation, but it’s one of my favorite seasons. I love to ski and I really do love snow, in moderation. Now I’m sick of it. It’s almost April and we are still getting snow storms. I’ve been cooped up inside too long and I’m going nuts!

It’s Spring Cleaning day! Today I am devoting the majority of my time to cleaning my dirty house. I have an impressive amount of laundry that has piled up, and dirty floors and windows. Somewhere around February I stopped caring and it’s getting to be a prohibitively disgusting way to live. I have been feeling sluggish (due to inactivity) and ill (due to poor diet) and it’s time to clean it all out; clean out the bad habits and the bad feelings that Winter has dragged into what should be Spring.

I’m excited for Spring and to be outside again. This week is supposed to be getting close to the fifties, and that sounds so much more bearable for outdoor running. I’m looking forward to walking more and being less of a lazy bum. With the BAA 5k coming up, I’ve been attempting to run more, but the cold and my laziness have gotten in the way. I’m tired of being this way so hopefully my day of spring cleaning will help me get back on track!

Happy Monday, everyone!