Fun happenings at work to report! Our sequencing core is now proud owners of the illumina HiSeq2500, upgraded from our HiSeq2000 platform. Look, shiny LED's!


Recently our lab has also been recipients of two new sequencing platforms, the Life Technologies Ion Torrent PGM, as well as the Ion Proton platform. Pretty exciting stuff!

What this means? More data to play with. Right now our internal storage capacity is roughly 40 TB, and at the moment we are at about 38 full. This means some serious spring cleaning is in order.

032813121830The above picture is our two other sequencers, the PGM on the Left (blue) and the Torrent on the right in the corner. These are both pretty cool instruments, capable of sequencing samples in as little as four hours.

Anyways, have a good Thursday, back to training sessions!