Approaching race days always seems to give me a little bit of extra anxiety. Should I be tapering? Should I continue on my schedule? What should I eat, and more importantly what shouldn't I eat? You would think having run quite a few races now I would have it all worked out . . . but that just isn't how I roll. I guess it is just like any other race, but for some reason it is a bit more intimidating knowing that it is the B.A.A. Somehow it just seems more intense than a 500 person fun-run in Buffalo.

The B.A.A 5K race will be a lot of fun this year. I count 10+ members of 2 Fat Nerds planning on racing, and I am looking forward to all the high-fives before and after the race. I am really excited for the race convention, which is a completely awesome and humbling experience. All around you is a sea of people in far better shape than yourself all ready for the marathon the following day. The energy supplement booths where I can eat one too many random caffeine gels, and the non-slip hair ties for Ellie . . . so exciting.

As far as training goes, to be honest we have been a little hit or miss during the week. We have gotten our long runs in, 5,6,7 miles respectively over the past three weeks, so I am feeling good about that! It'll be interesting to see how that translates to my overall speed . . . here's hoping it works out well.

Anyways, let the fun week begin! Leave a comment if you will also be racing the B.A.A 5K, or marathon!