Buffalo is known for two things:  snow and chicken wings.  Watch any sporting event with a Buffalo team, or really listen to any radio show that is talking about Buffalo, and you are without a doubt going to hear something along the lines of, "Why would anyone want to play there? The winters are horrible . . . but they do have good Buffalo wings!"

It gets old, really.

I guess I can't really blame people for their preconceptions about the Buffalo area. Really, the very first thing you see when you get off an airplane is this:


For those of you who don't know, Anchor Bar is the home to the original Buffalo Wing (P.S. we call them chicken wings here). Anchor Bar  now has a conveniently located airport franchise. No trip into the City of Buffalo needed! The smell of chicken wings and hot sauce wafts through the air at the gates of the terminal. In fact, on a recent return trip home, the first thing to hit my nose was the delicious aroma of sweet and juicy chicken wings and beer. #BuffaLove

Personally, I have become a major fan of the city. Since moving here nearly seven years ago now, I have completely reversed course on my opinion of the place. I too believed it was a place where the only redeeming thing was good wings. I thought we did get a ton of snow. Now, I realize the city is much more than that. It has history, amazing architecture, war battlefields, natural wonders of the world, and some of the best neighborhoods in the country.  I want people to see past the bad sports teams and chicken wings.

I guess it struck a chord with me that the first thing you see and smell plays directly into one of our stereotypes. Maybe the strategy is to lure them in with our delicious food, and then woo them slow and steady for years? I guess it worked for me! Anyways . . . if you do end up coming to Buffalo, let me know! I'd love to show you around and show you that there is more to the city. Besides, I also know where you can get the best wings in the entire area . . . and no, it isn't Anchor Bar OR Duffs.