Honestly, I struggled quite a bit with this today. I've gone back and forth a dozen times trying to decide if I wanted to do a weigh-in post. After much debate, I decided that we need to continue to encourage and help each other strive to do our best each and every day, no matter what. Senseless acts of violence try to stop us all from living. They try to stop us from believing in the general good of humanity, and to make us give up hope. I refuse to let it stop me from believe in this community, and what we are all about.

Yesterday while we were watching the marathon, only blocks away from where the explosions inevitably occurred,  Mike, Suz, Ellie and I witnessed something that can easily be forgotten on a day with such a tragic ending. We saw an older runner struggling to get up the final hill underneath the last overpass of the race. It was pretty clear that his entire right knee completely locked up, and was in intense pain. With less than a mile to go, he could barely walk. He repeatedly refused help from the volunteers, wanting to finish the race. After several minutes, another runner came by and saw what was going on. He stopped mid stride, and began to walk/carry the older man towards the finish line. His own time (which I might add would have been a spectacular 3 hours and ~20 minutes) didn't matter at all. It was about helping a fellow human being accomplish what they set out to do.

The good in humanity will always overwhelm the evil of a few individuals. It is extremely difficult to feel anything but sick knowing that innocent lives were lost for no reason, but the response of all those around the blasts who ran into help with zero fear for themselves, and the runner who decided to stop and help sacrificing his own time, give me hope that the world we live in is still full of compassion and love. There are good people who will always do the right thing. Together we need to press forward and stop those that wish to tear our society down.

* * *

Each Wednesday this blog focuses on the accomplishments of our members. We celebrate our successes, and encourage those who are struggling to overcome their difficulties. We believe in each other, and share our information with the hope that it will make a difference for ourselves and for each other. For this reason, I decided to go ahead with the weigh-in post. Lets look in at our weekly stats.

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