This weekend featured a family gathering in honor of all the mothers in our lives. Though I wasn't in Albany very long, we did get two great runs in! On Saturday, Mom, Dad Dave and I set out for a nice 5k in the pouring rain. It was great to see them all push through the humidity and downpours to get a great workout in. On Sunday morning before Mother's Day brunch, Mom, Dave and Aunt Linda set out for a nice walk (with some running!) and Mike, Suz, cousin Jon and I went for a nice run. Boy was it humid both days.

I've talked about this many times before, but I am constantly amazed to see just how far this family has come since just a year ago. Everyone is excited to get out and move, especially before a big meal. Speaking of big meal, here's a picture Paul took of brunch!


Apparently it is hard to get 10 people to stop moving and also not look doofy (cough Mike). But anyways, it was a lot of fun to have everyone together.

The one problem with getting everyone together is that sometimes bad things happen. No family strife or anything like that . . . but something just as nuts. We all registered for the Old Forge Triathlon. 1000m swim, 22 mile bike ride, and 4 mile run. Mike, Suz, Dave and I are all officially registered, and even more surprising, my dad is toying with the idea of doing it with us too! Looks like we will have a busy training summer with the Boilermaker and now the triathlon.