There comes a point where a person must accept his or her fate and hope for the best. For runners, this usually comes exactly one week before a big race. Additional training won't make you more prepared, and overworking and not resting can make your performance suffer. One week out is the time to just sit back, rest up, and hope your preparations were enough.

I talked last week about how we were feeling very confident this go-around, despite missing more workout sessions than we would have liked. My personal feelings of confidence have quickly diminished as a result of back-to-back 70–80° days this weekend. I was reminded of summers past and just how much training in a warm, humid climate can really suck. We had a few friends in town this weekend, and while out and about touring around the wonders of Buffalo (Cheerios factory!), memories of running in the heat of last summer came crashing back into my thoughts.

Don't get me wrong; I don't mind running in the summer. But if you look at my training logs, the majority of our summer runs start at ten o'clock at night. I suppose there is some benefit to starting the Buffalo Half Marathon at 7:00 a.m., which means we will  be finishing up shortly after 9:00 a.m., before the heat really sets in. There is also the extra plus that the majority of the race is along Lake Erie, which will provide a nice, cooling wind for the most part. But still, why couldn't the forty-degree weather hang around for an extra couple of weeks!?

Even with the weather being slightly less than cooperative, I suppose I am still pretty excited to race a longer distance again. I never thought I'd enjoy distance running, but there is just something about plodding along for hours and being able to cover the vast majority of the City of Buffalo in that time. Call me crazy, but I like it!