I have the utmost important news to share with everyone today. It was pointed out to me that the incorrect AFP values were being displayed on yesterdays charts. So, here is the correct graph!



I want to point out a few things on this graph today, first, major congrats to Pat who seems to be enjoying his new recumbent bike. I remember when you said you would never reach the 100 AFP benchmark. Second, big props to Brindy who had a great week too.

Lastly, it is awesome to see so many people in the positive, and on top of that many people ~200 AFP and above. I see many of you are running either the Boilermaker or doing the Triathlon, so it is exciting to see everyone working hard in their training for the events. Keep it up!

To Note:

I am looking at ways to generate the AFP and chain-game graphs automatically each week. Currently I have to run some mysql queries to pull the data down, then load it up into excel, and graph manually. It is a pain in the rear. There are methods to do this automatically, but I haven't had the time to develop the custom scripts to do so. If any programmer is feeling ambitious and wants to lend a hand let me know!