So a week or so ago I wrote about the first two weeks of Triathlon training. Today, I wanted to show just how much work my Dad is putting into training for it. Some of you may have noticed him submitting quite a lot more workouts, and it is showing pretty clearly in monthly AFP gains. So, here is the figure!


The red bar is the 400 AFP cutoff that we encourage people to achieve each month. That equates out to 100 AFP a week, give or take a little bit depending on the duration of the month. As the graph above describes, each time there is an upcoming race, he had an uptick in activity. Lately however, there has been a major upswing, earning more than double the baseline recommendation. What I didn't realize is that he had increased his activity level far before the triathlon, in preparation for the B.A.A 5K and Buffalo Undy 5000 run in April. He has sustained this momentum and has continuously increased his workout load, to the point that not many of us are earning more. The number of two-a-day workouts has increased and now it seems that whenever I call home my Mom says he is out running or doing something active!

It is exciting to see his numbers come in, larger runs, longer swims and more biking. It's pretty inspiring to see him come alive and start kicking major ass. I personally have needed to step up my game to keep up!

Anyways, hopefully this post will embarrass him.