Whew! Where to begin? We had quite an interesting long and tiring weekend, full of family, travel, and a full-scale heat wave. On Wednesday, Ellie and I headed east to my parents to spend the fourth with them. We were treated to a swim at the JCC and nine miles' worth of walking. Despite the heat, we managed to have a blast and get some exercise in. I always enjoy a change of venue for runs/walks . . . and it is especially fun in Albany because I never really explored the city on foot during my youth. I was far too busy eating cans of fluff while playing computer games.

On Friday, Ellie and I headed down to the Big Apple. We knew it would be warm, but with a real-feel temperature close to triple digits, I think we both underestimated just how brutal and exhausting it would turn out to be. It was an absolute blast though, and we managed to get to a falafel place that we have been trying to get to for four years . . . ever since we saw it on the Food Network. It did not disappoint in the slightest, as it was hands-down the best falafel I've ever had.


We ended up walking quite a bit in the city, despite the heat, eight miles in total. With a visit to the Guggenheim and a dinner in Little Italy, our quick 24 hours in the city were filled to the brim, and before long we were headed back to Albany.

At some point, my parents and Ellie decided that I apparently look ridiculous in all of my clothes (so they're a little loose. What of it!) . . . so I was treated to a stop at the mall for some new dress shirts that should actually be about my actual size now. One of the downsides to losing weight, I guess, is that it inevitably leads to needing new clothes! I have to admit, wearing sizes that actually reflect your weight does make a big difference . . . on both ends of the spectrum. It's important to wear clothes that actually fit your body.

Monday was a crash back into reality. The Boilermaker is less than a week away now, and after driving the course on Sunday I am not exactly sure if I am more or less nervous about it. There are serious hills, the likes of which I have never attempted before. But mentally I think seeing what we will have to accomplish does make it easier, visualizing the route in my head over and over makes it seem real, and doable.

Around midday yesterday, I got a text from my buddy Brindy saying there was Ultimate Frisbee in the park on Monday nights. I decided last minute to run over to see them play. I hadn't really anticipated playing, but when I saw it was 5 versus 4, I had to lend a hand! I have skipped previous invitations on account of typically being exhausted from long-run days and long-swim days on Saturdays and Sundays, but with the Boilermaker winding down, it was much more doable last night. Shout out to our team, which made a valiant effort in an attempt to come back and tie it up!

It was a blast and was awesome to see a lot of friends from college whom I hadn't seen in a while,  and the added running was a nice treat too! I am going to try and make a habit of meeting up with them, as I think some recreational exercise is in order to break up the daily grind of triathlon training.

Anyway, I hope everyone is staying cool in the heat and having a good start to summer!