Well, something happened that I never really thought would. My brothers and I went in on Buffalo Bills season tickets.

Damn that airport marketing strategy

Damn that airport marketing strategy.

We have been life-long Bills fans, trying to get to at least a game a year since I've moved out to Buffalo. We were raised during the prime-time years of the early 1990's, where the Bills could do no wrong except lose every super bowl they were in. When things got tough, we switched to highlight reels of every year they were great. My dad thinks he screwed up and should have gotten us liking a better team, but it is too late for that. We have #Buffalove.

I am pretty excited for this Fall, it'll be fun having family in town more than usual, and it'll be also a bunch of fun just going to the games. The atmosphere of the stadium is absolutely amazing, even when they are losing badly. Just being part of the crowd, cheering and jeering all at the same time. I can not wait for the start of the season.