Eat Fit Not Fat- Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupcakes

It’s dessert time again in the Bohlson kitchen! These cupcakes were too good to be true. This week’s recipe is dedicated to my lovely co-worker, Speech and Language Pathologist, Catherine Geary. She made these Kick A$$ treats for my birthday 3 weeks ago.  My speech girls all know my favorite desserts usually consist of peanut [...]

Post-Race Break . . . Must Fight the Blerch!

I've found myself in a post-triathlon slump. After a day off initially, I stayed pretty active for a week. And then last week hit. I barely scraped by to salvage my chain-game and keep it going. Last October, I took a month off after our first half marathon. Once I got back into working out [...]

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