And the gauntlet is passed to another fat nerd

Dear Fat Nerds,It's baffling to think that 2 Fat Nerds has been part of our lives and part of our daily web browsing for over two years now. Looking back, it really is incredible to look at all everyone has accomplished. My family has transformed from a beach-sitting, double-stuffed-oreo-loving, generally lazy group, to an energetic [...]

2 Fat Nerds Turns Two!

Another year has gone by since we started the blog back in 2011. Today marks the two-year anniversary since Brian and I sat down and decided that serious changes were needed in our own lives, and that a blog would be the way to do it. It turns out that it was a smart decision, [...]

Graphing Progress Is Difficult

I had originally intended on posting updated charts today monitoring individual progress through the September-October challenge. The problem though is that when sitting down to do it, I realized that I was stumped on how best to represent individuals progress. Each individual has their own starting points Modified versions of workouts (modified push-up, assisted chin [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday September 25th: Redox reactions!

First, I want to apologize for not providing new content yesterday! I know may of you checked in, but unfortunately nothing new was up. Cramming for a big biochemistry test on Friday has me on the ropes this week. Here at 2 Fat Nerds each Wednesday is a Weigh-In day, where all of the data [...]

Action-Packed Weekend: A Recap

Quite an action-packed weekend! We headed to Albany on Friday, right after work, for some quality rest and relaxation and for the chance to see our favorite red-headed sister, who was on vacation from Lebanon.  We went apple picking on Saturday morning, for a run with my parents in the afternoon, and to a delicious [...]

The Great Pumpkin Beer Battle, and Training Your Brain

I had planned to review six pumpkin beers for today's blog post, but halfway through the first one I decided that I really don't care for pumpkin beer. It just doesn't do it for me, not in the slightest. Instead, after a couple of episodes of the office and a delicious attempt at an apple [...]

Quick Routines for the September-October Challenge

As promised, I wanted to give a sample workout that I'll be using over the duration of this challenge. My focus is to build my core strength as well as my general upper body. My first routine that I was given a while back by my cousin is my starting point, and it consists of [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday September 18th: Sore Trapezius!

Here at 2 Fat Nerds each Wednesday is a Weigh-In day, where all of the data from the previous week is collected, displayed, and analyzed. Let’s dive into the numbers! September-October Challenge Please leave a comment with your updated measurements! If you want them to be kept private for any reason, leave a comment and i'll [...]

Tech Tuesday: Physics Stops Chafing.

Today's installment of Tech Tuesday has been a long time coming. Ellie has demanded I take a look at one of the best inventions ever created. The Centrifugal Force Generator, a.k.a., the Bathing Suit Dryer. Neighborhood Bathing Suit Spinner. If you've ever been in a kitchen full of unitaskers, you have probably seen [...]

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