It is easy to write about new-found optimism and motivation, but it is an entirely different thing to actually put it into practice. I realize that I set a lofty goal for myself yesterday, stating that I am gunning for a marathon. When setting such an ambitious goal, I think it is going to be important to break it down into digestible chunks that I can in fact keep track of in my fancy spreadsheets.

I came up with a brief outline of a strategy for the next six to eight months.

  • September - October : General strength and conditioning
  • November - February: Continued Strength while building back a 15k running base
  • February - May : Full marathon training

Because of this focus, I thought it would be fun to create a new 2FNS Challenge. We haven't done one in quite a while, and I thought it would be a great back-to-school hook that might help people break free from their summer doldrums.  My personal goal is to be able to do at least one un-assisted pull-up by the end of October. I have never been able to do one . . . and I want to change that!

September-October Calisthenics Challenge

The Goal:

Each member will work to improve their strength over a baseline reading submitted on September 11th. We are looking to see increased ability in push-ups, planks, squats, and for the adventurers among us, pull-ups.

How It will work:

During tomorrows weigh-in, people will be asked to leave a comment with their base-line statistics. We want to measure the following:

  • Total number of push-ups during one set. (You can do lady-style push ups too!)
  • Total duration of one plank.
  • Total number of squats during one set.
  • Total number of pull-ups during one set. (this is more of a personal goal of mine . . . so not everyone has to submit this)

Each week on Wednesdays I'll ask people to post their current benchmarks, so we can see progress over time. Missing a week is no big deal, but I would like if people made an effort to get their data in so we can see improvements as they happen!

Who Wins?

No one will really be declared a winner for this, as it is very much a personal challenge. I am looking to see people improve in general overall . . . any improvement is a victory in my mind.

How to take part?

Leave a comment and I'll make note that you are interested. Then, do the measurements tonight and submit tomorrow morning! Get involved!