In my excitement, I left a bit open for interpretation. So I wanted to refine quickly what types of workouts I was expecting!

  • Chin-Ups: I originally said pull-ups . . . but I was thinking Chin-Ups. Chin-Ups are what i am looking for! This is an optional one, since it requires a bar . . . and most likely an assistance machine.


  • Planks: This one is pretty as stated. I want to see people increasing the duration that they can preform a plank. It may be hard at first, even for just a few seconds. But see if you can build up!


  • Squats: Instead of leaving it open ended to see how many you can do, I would like to set a one-minute time limit. How many can you do in a minute?body-weight-squats-up-down-girl
  • Push-Ups: This was as stated, I want to see people improve the number of push-ups they can do!king