Another year has gone by since we started the blog back in 2011. Today marks the two-year anniversary since Brian and I sat down and decided that serious changes were needed in our own lives, and that a blog would be the way to do it. It turns out that it was a smart decision, possibly one of the better ones I've made in my life.

This year has been absolutely fantastic, and a lot of great memories were made. Racing the boilermaker, competing in a triathlon, meeting fellow blogger Amy in Boston, doing a second half-marathon with Ellie and shredding last years time are some of our accomplishments to name a few. We've seen great growth in readership, a ton of new faces, and some pretty amazing success stories. So with that, let's dig in to some numbers!

Some Statistics!

To date, there have been 1343 weight measurements submitted, and a total of 7,642 workouts totaling 18264 miles. We are up to 72 registered users!

The blog itself has shown some growth as well! We hit 54,000 total views, averaging about 1,000 unique readers a month, most of whom check back frequently totaling 3-4000 views a month. Not bad for a small family/friends fitness blog!

2FNS Success Stories

Brian - 60+ pounds lost


Over the past two years, Brian has lost over 60 pounds, and has kept it off too! He recently took part in a burpee challenge, which every day adds one burpee rep. 75 days later, he was still at it. It's been awesome to see him succeed and get back to where he wants to be.

Dad - 30 pounds lost


Over the past nine months my Dad has really shown his true competitive spirit. He shredded 30 pounds, all starting with his Lent goal of giving up cookies, candy and cookies with candy. He went from uncle fatso to an AFP leader-board leader and triathlon competitor. I don't think anyone expected his sudden entry into the fitness scene, but he has certainly shown that it is never too late to ratchet up the intensity and get going.

Patrick - 40+ lbs lost

A couple of years ago, Pat told me that he would never reach the 100 AFP benchmark per week just by walking. I said maybe not, but hey, you never know. He is currently proving himself wrong, pedaling his way to the top of the leader-board this month, and slimming down in the process. He's lost over 40 pounds, which is absolutely fantastic. Welcome to the sub 200 club!

Andrew - ~30 lbs lost

Andrew took the 2FNS scene by storm. He started out running and quickly began dominating the AFP charts, not to mention throwing down some monster runs in the process. He pushed me to work as hard as possible going into the Boston 5k this year, and I look forward to racing him again next spring.  If I am not mistaken, he is also slated to do his first half marathon in Boston in a couple of weeks!

Jono - 60+ lbs lost

Two Years and 62 pounds later.

Two Years and 62 pounds later.

I've made more progress this year, losing an additional 15 pounds. This brings me to a current total of 62 pounds lost. Two half-marathons, the Boilermaker, Triathlon, and many 5ks later, I think it is safe to say I am hooked on the whole being in shape/exercise thing. My goal for this coming year is to check off my bucket list item of running a full marathon . . . so hopefully you will all stick around to see that happen!

Several other members have made great strides as well -- Tino has lost 30+, Mom is down 10+ pounds, Dave has lost 10 -- and the list continues on and on! I want to congratulate everyone for the fantastic progress they have made, keep it up!


I want to thank quite a few people who have really made this all possible. First I want to thank my buddy Kyle who sat down and helped me rework the majority of the tracking system and clean up a lot of the designs. If you were around for the early system, its come a long way . . . and for that I am truly thankful.

Second, Pat and Dave have been a great help figuring out all the new ideas -- as well as letting me know when things aren't working right. They have been great idea boards and extremely helpful as time has gone on. Thanks guys.

Thirdly - thank you guys, all the readers and members of the blog that make it all worth it. I can't tell you how many people in the most random situations come up to me and say, "hey by the way I read your blog and love it." It happens ALL THE TIME, and each and every time it does, it blows me away. I truly thank you for reading, and offering encouraging words each and every day.

Fourthly - Thanks to Suz, and Mike, who put together each weeks addition of Eat Fit Not Fat. This has quickly become the most popular day of the week, and I am blown away at some of your recipes and pictures. Thanks for doing this, I think it is safe to say EVERYONE loves it. I swear I want to put together one of those books with recipes and pictures . . .how you say recipe book. Marketing opportunity!

Lastly, Thanks to Ellie, who without her none of this would be possible. She keeps me motivated each and every day, and really is the best partner for both training and for life in general. She often doesn't get much credit for this whole blog, but the amount of editing work, as well as the sheer amount of stupid questions and ideas she works over with me is amazing. I ask her everything from site layout to potential future races. She keeps me on my toes, and brings a smile to my face whenever I need it. Not once has she ever discouraged me from pursuing this, or for sinking money into domain registration fees. Without her, I would never have started running, and I certainly would never have gotten my act together. Thanks Ellie, I love you.

Future Directions

This blog has seen quite a few changes over time, and I think that is part of what has made it successful. We have some plans in the works, as well as some new goals and challenges to come. Stick around, get involved, and lets see what we can accomplish in year three!