Here at 2 Fat Nerds we talk a lot about ways to hold ourselves accountable to the goals that we've set because that is often one of the biggest hurdles we face. It is really easy to not do something when the only person you're letting down is yourself. I know I've only been at this for a week now, and I really haven't even done much yet, but having made the commitment to write this blog, I already feel like its going to be harder to get off the hook this time, so I am not even going to try. I've found that just having written a few posts for 2 Fat Nerds, my short and long term goals have entered the foreground of my life. My family and friends are talking about it, I am thinking about it more, and I am devoting more energy to getting to where I want to be.

Yesterday was my grandmother's 80th birthday. Tutu, as we call her, was surrounded by almost her entire family (missed you Mikie!) for an incredible brunch out in Utica, New York. It's aways fun when we all get together, because my mom and her siblings have always been very close. We always saw them pretty often growing up, and as a result, all nine cousins are close, five of us live in Boston! My aunts and uncle were always involved in our lives growing up, and still to this day, they know what is going on. This morning everyone told me separately that they read my blog posts last week and were really excited to see me getting more involved with 2 Fat Nerds. It was kind of awesome to be reminded that I have such an incredible support system full of people that truly care about me.


But the thing is, this support system has always been here. I have always had this obnoxious in-your-face-involved kind of family. So why is it different now? I was thinking about this on the drive back to Boston tonight (squished amongst my support system, three adults in the back of a Jetta), why do I feel everyone's support more now? I realized that this time I've really asked for help. I sent out a public plea for support just last week on this very blog and now I'm seeing it in real life.


My point: Set real goals, both short term and long term (more on this tomorrow!) and make them known. Find a friend here or elsewhere and tell them your plans. Take your goals out of your head. It just makes them a lot more real. It's easy to pretend they were never goals if you never tell anyone you've made them. I have always been a pretty vocal goal setter, and I have 100% (without fail) failed every single time, so there is obviously more to reaching a goal than talking about it, but I really do think that if you have a clear vision of what you want, it is easier to visualize getting it. It doesn't need to be everything at once, start where you feel comfortable and build from there.


Today I said I am going to keep doing yoga.

Today I said I am going to get to a place where I am 100% happy being me.

Today I said I am going to do the B.A.A. Distance Medley in 2014.