So yesterday we talked about setting goals, mainly on the long term side. I think its really important to be able to visualize what you're working towards. If you don't have that long term plan, I think it can get really discouraging when you step on the scale each week. Sometimes your hard work doesn't pay off right away. You can work hard and end up gaining weight one week. Without the idea that if you work hard consistently for a long period of time, you might just get annoyed and end up throwing your scale into the harbor. Believe me, I've been there.

Last week when I started writing, my dear brother Dave told me that my approach was all wrong. He told me that I was planning too far ahead, was probably spending too much time laying it all out and making promises. Maybe I should let him tell this story, but he basically said when he first started working out all he did was focus on today and tomorrow. All you have to do is look for opportunities in your day to swap out unhealthy habits for their healthy counterpart. You have to look for time to add activity. If you are always doing this today and tomorrow, you will become a healthier, fitter version of yourself.

I really appreciate what Dave said, because while I'm always really good at setting the big-picture strategy, I often need help honing in on the tactics I will use to follow-through. I really do believe that a combination of these two approaches is the sweet spot. What am I going to do today and tomorrow to get me to where I want to be in a year?

So, looking at today. I failed to go for a swim this morning. But, I had a healthy breakfast, and I'm looking forward to a salad for lunch. I will have to find time after work this evening to get in a jog, or perhaps a nice long walk!


Where can you add something to be proud of today? Will you go for a run when you get out of the office and take advantage of the crisp autumnal day? I'd love to hear an instance of how you are planning to make today a healthier day!