I always look at long weekends as being very dangerous. More time away from your normal routine and there is more opportunity to eat or drink more than you would during the workweek. It's Columbus Day, and I am fortunate enough to be enjoying a day off from work. I definitely fell into a day of excess yesterday, celebrating a much needed "Sunday Funday" with my roommates that involved going directly from the brunch table to the bar to watch football. So while yesterday wasn't the healthiest of days, I'm not going to beat myself up about it because there is another aspect of the long weekend that I've often overlooked: more time to be active.


credit: http://www.fowa.org.uk/

It's a really beautiful fall day, the air is crisp, and the sun is shining. This morning, instead of lying in bed nursing my hangover and then moving to the couch to watch tv, I got up and drank a bottle of water and set out for the run I had scheduled. It would have been really easy to skip it, with my head pounding, but the fresh air and the opportunity to sweat out some of last night's mistakes did wonders. So here is my message to all of you who are not at work and are sitting on the computer reading this blog post: take advantage of your day off! Get outside! It's going to be too cold before you know it and it's not every week you have extra time to crush those extra AFPs!

My plan for more activity today: hiking around the Arnold Arboretum and yoga tonight! What will you be doing?