While talking with Ellie this morning on our AM stroll with the dog, she brought up a good point. I should probably lock in on a marathon training program and get to getting. I am slated to run a full marathon in 28 weeks, which is less  time than the Galloway training method requires. AKA . . .  holy crap, it's go time.

I had grand plans of using the past couple of months to increase my overall strength and fitness level, only to be sidelined for the better part of the past two months while I work to get over some lingering maladies. I feel good enough to get back into working out, and I have plenty of extra motivation to join in on the AFP wars between my brother and dad. Now I just need to get back on the wagon, which I admit is easier said than done. I've realized how hard it truly is to establish that workout routine once your off it, even it's just for a few weeks.

Training through the winter is a daunting proposition, but, honestly, training in the summer is far worse. If nothing else, getting out into the brisk air wakes you up, makes you feel invigorated, and slightly numbs your brain to the ridiculous idea that you did in fact sign up for a marathon. I am excited to be running Buffalo as my first, mainly because it's my home turf. I've run every inch of the course already, which is a huge mental advantage. Not to mention Buffalo is a pretty flat city, so that will make it all the better. Above all else, though, I am excited at the prospect to have my friends and family doing the half marathon and the relay teams with me. I think it'll be a cool team experience.


I think if I have only one goal, it is to NOT bore everyone and beat this thing to death. So I'll try to keep it to a minimum. Fortunately with Adrienne, Beckie, and Susan posting, I should be able to limit my "OMG I just ran my weekend long rung" excitement to Twitter only!