I don't typically like to plug individual projects on Kickstarter, as I feel that 2FNS isn't here to be a revenue generating machine. I like to think that the reason that this whole thing works is that there are no barriers to entry, and no real obligations except to make an honest effort at whatever goal you set for yourself.

But then there are projects out there that I believe in, and want to shed what little light I can on things that I find are pretty cool. A project has come up that I think is a worth taking a look into, and its by someone who has really dedicated her life to making the world in general a better place. Who better to support than that?

A great friend of mine, Jenny, is looking to raise a bit of money and retrace the journey of Petronella, a ninety year old woman from Finland. I don't want to dig into the details as I couldn't do the project justice, and I encourage everyone to check out the Kickstarter for the full scoop.

If you don't know Jenny, I apologize as you are simply missing out. She has coordinated numerous flash-mobs, most recently one in San Francisco for the now famous Batkid. On top of that, she encourages people to be active, which is why I justify promoting this on 2FNS. Not only is the trip she proposes extremely physical (walking across Finland!),  she works as an Outdoor Educator to bring people out into the wilderness and enjoy everything that being physically active has to offer. She works to empower others to embrace life.

Anyways, check out her Kickstarter project, pledge if you want, no pressure or anything like that.