Yesterday was really cold. And I mean “don’t want to go outside ever again,” kind of cold. I was working at the spa where I work part-time and people kept coming in bundled up to their ears in scarves. It was twenty degrees in Boston, but with the wind, it was a bone-chilling “feels like” 4 degrees. All I wanted to do while I sat at work for my 9.5 hour shift was go home and go for a run to prepare for the Turkey Trot on Thursday. I got out of work and it was so cold I couldn’t breathe, so I went out and ate thai food with my roommate instead. With winter already in New England, I am starting to realize my dedication to running is going to take a lot more work. It’s time to bundle up, or get reacquainted with the treadmill.

I hate the treadmill, so I’m really looking for that to not be an option. Winter running is a thing (I guess), and until there is snow on the ground, I want to be running outside. And actually, even if there is snow on the ground, right? My brother Dave reminded me last week of a New Balance ad that was plastered all around Boston a couple years ago. It featured a runner with a snowy Boston behind him. We talked about not letting the snow stop us.

Syracuse, New York, where I will be running the Thanksgiving morning 5k, is predicting six to ten inches of snow. I am hoping the forecast is wrong, because I don’t want to run through a mountain of lake effect. But, I guess...Image