With the holidays come many family and social obligations that put the squeeze on available free time. Good habits like exercise and eating healthy are regulated to the back burner. But not this year. This year, I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging you all to beat the holidays.

The Holiday Challenge


He has a little belly lol

Taken from an idea off of Runnersworld, I challenge you all to a consistency challenge! I want to see who can put the most amount of days in between now and January 1st, of at least thirty minutes of activity a day.

Starting on November 27th, each day will count. Miss a day, and that is one less that can go towards your total!

But there is a catch! No housework or yardwork allowed! I want people to brave the elements and get out there and go for a walk, get a run in, or hit the gym for some activity. Horrifying, I know.

Normal fitness activities will count, for all you stationary bikers. The minimum accepted workout will be 30 minutes.

The Purpose

There is a reason I want people to get out and move, and it isn't because I find it funny that it is brutally cold in the Northeast. My hope is that after a large Thanksgiving meal or family get-together, people will encourage others to join them on their evening strolls.

I also want people to already be in the habit of exercise come January 1st, because it is a heck of a lot easier to continue good habits for your New Year's resolutions than to have to start from scratch!

Logging, Tracking, and Reporting

Workouts will be submitted as usual through the tracking system, and results will be graphed each Wednesday, same as usual. To note, this does not interfere with the normal chain game. That is, the 3-day minimum requirement to continue your normal chain.


To the person/persons who have the most amount of days, a special holiday prize will be in order!


Feel free to post any questions you may have in the comments of this post! I will assume everyone is going to participate!