Happy Monday!

Whenever I go out and run I judge how well I did based on whether or not I had to walk. I think this is probably a pretty normal thing for someone who is just starting out running after a lifetime of not. In my mind, when I’m running I am achieving everything I set out to, and when I have to walk, I’ve failed.


During my run last night, I had to walk a few stretches after my first mile. And while I was walking, I thought about it and remembered I only started moving like this, on a regular basis, two months ago. Who cares if I have to walk a couple blocks here and there? Just the fact that I was out committed to three miles in 30 degrees, is enough. I am not working on speed, as anyone who has ever run with me can verify, but I am trying to get my distance up. I am at a point where I can comfortably run a mile, can usually get through two, and keep signing myself up to run three. I think that is a pretty good place to be after two months.

After the better-than-last-year-but-still-not-great Turkey Trot, I have been working hard trying to get pumped up for the Jingle Bell 5k this weekend. I am likely going to have to walk a few stretches of the race this weekend, and I need to be OK with that. I can’t let it discourage me from running when I can, and more importantly, making sure I have fun with it. Races like these are supposed to be fun, I’m going to make sure that my Jingle Bell race re-cap talks about great it was to run dressed like elves and reindeer with the 2 Fat Nerds that are coming out for it. Leave a comment if you’re planning to run this weekend, so we know who we’re looking out for!