Adrienne brought up the point yesterday about training in the winter, and how excellence never quits. Clearly they've never dealt with the lake effect monster.


But honestly, that is just an excuse, and one that I need to stop using. In reality, the lake effect monster rarely comes into the city of Buffalo, and rarely is it simply too crappy out to run. Even in the odd chance that it is gross out, we pay for a lovely gym membership anyway. There is simply no excuse.


In reality, Buffalo weather typically looks something like this. There is this magical bubble over the city that prevents the vast majority of snow from ruining our days. Granted, yesterday we got dumped on a little bit, but that really isn't typical. But because we did have the rare city snow, I was all set to phone it in and continue watching Fernsehen auf deutsch.  I was ready knock back a homebrew and chill with my inner blerch. Fortunately for me, my lovely wife refused to let me stay idle, reminding me that I've got some pretty lofty goals. She got me to the gym and into the pool. As usual it felt great to exercise. Seems to be a recurring theme on this blog doesn't it?

I guess the point of this post is this. There are loads of excuses that you can fabricate for skipping workouts, but like that stupid ad campaign says:


It might suck, but it's true.