We’ve almost made it. The Christmas season is winding down, and I have to say I’m pretty excited to hit the new year, and be done with the cookie binging. I wish I could say I kept a good balance all through Christmas at home with my family, but I stuffed my face from the minute I walked through the door. My only saving grace was my wisdom teeth surgery yesterday.

I haven’t eaten much since Christmas day. My diet has consisted of chocolate milkshakes and apple sauce. I have been passed out on the couch in between doses of hydrocodone, and the only thing I’ve had the strength to do is hold ice packs to my face while watching 30 Rock. It’s been pretty awesome.

I will be excited to get back up off the couch and away from the kitchen when I return to Boston at the end of the weekend. We’ve got some good stuff gearing up for the new year, and I hope everyone has a couple resolutions to share next week.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday with their family and friends, and look forward to regularly scheduled 2 Fat Nerds-dom next week!