In the month between Thanksgiving and the New Year, the average American gains five pounds. I hate to say that I am the average American in this case, and all of my hard work between Thanksgiving and Christmas was destroyed in the eight days I spent lying on my parents’ couch binge eating cookies and eating a thousand calorie meal every two hours, while refusing the exercise.

But the nice thing about this time of year is it all starts over. The clock is reset and you get another chance to make the next year a great one. i have big plans for 2014, and I hope you are all thinking about what your goals are for this year.

I’m finding it really difficult to pick myself up out of the cookie-stuffed coma that I’m in and get out for a run, but hopefully I will get back out there soon! I’ve found that one of the things that helps me when I’m in a rut is finding a buddy to pull me out of it. My best friend, and top AFP leader, Danna, is in Boston from LA for the next week, and I’m hoping her energy will help get me ready to my Distance Medley training!

Call a friend, and get on out there!