Wading through the flood of New Year's related facebook messages and tweets, I realized something. People sure do seem to like to put together one sentence to sum up everything the past year had to offer. I thought to myself, was my year good or bad? I asked my wife too, who promptly gave a thumbs down. I agreed with her, my initial reaction was kind of negative too.

But then I got to thinking more, and I went month by month of everything that has happened, and for lack of a better story telling device, I thought I would try and sum up each month in a list.

  • January - The Only thing I could really think about for this month was my inaugural session of Yoga Booty Ballet, where I got in touch with my inner goddess. Namaste.
  • February - Lindy Ruff was fired, bringing an end to an era.
  • March - Took part in my first ever Heart Walk in Utica, it was frigid cold, but a great experience and was so glad to finally get to take part
  • April - This was a tough month. A work conference in Boston  showed me just how far behind the curve researchers in Buffalo are. Then I ran a new PR in the B.A.A 5K race, clocking in at 24:35. I got to meet an amazing runner in Amy, and was so happy to get to cheer her on with my family as she finished her marathon. Which leads me to the Boston Marathon.
    • Within a two-hour period I saw the absolute best, and worst that humanity had to offer. I saw a young guy who was finishing a sub 3 hour marathon to stop a mile from the finish line to help carry an older man, who's knees completely locked up on him and was unable to move any further. It gave me a lasting mental image to help combat the tragedy that would ensue. I saw the amazing possibilities that good people bring, and that is what I choose to keep and learn from that day.
  • May - Ellie and I finished our second half-marathon, setting new PR's by posting a 2:11 time, and cutting off 8 minutes from our previous time.
  • June - We saw DOMA fall. That was a good time in American History. I also took part in the Buffalo Corporate Challenge with my coworkers, some of whom it was their first race!

Team CoE!

  • July - The Boilermaker. A life long specter proved every bit as difficult as I imagined, and I am looking forward to our rematch.


  • August - Cape Cod and the Old Forge Triathlon - Both were an absolute blast and I am super excited to continue into the world of Triathlons.
  • September - Graduate School got under way, and it was just as difficult as I had anticipated, but I survived! 2 Fat Nerds also turned two years old, defying most blogs lifecycles! We also took Audrey camping for the first time, she was scared of the wolves.
  • October - Red Sox win the world series. At least one sports team I like does something good!
  • November - Bills Game with the Family, the Baldwinsville Turkey Trot, and al dat!


  • December - Finished up my first "year" of grad school, with only two semesters left to go. I got through all my difficult classes with the grades needed!

Going month to month made me realize that so much happens in the span of the year. For me it's silly for me to try to just give a yay or nay for the year. Life is simply too dynamic. There have certainly been things this year that have really sucked, and things I really struggle to see the value or reason behind why they happened. But that is life. As long as we pick ourselves up, plow through the BS and work each and every day toward where we want to be, then it's all okay. There are plenty of small things on the way to celebrate and enjoy that really do far outweigh whatever bad happens.

I think to sum up my year in a simple sentence? Hyper-variability is the spice of life, and it's important not to get lost in the peaks and valleys.