With the closure of 2013, comes the end of the 2013 Chain game, as well as the Holiday Challenge! Lets dig in to the monthly AFP leader board first!


Dad took the crown once again, though Elizabeth, Danna and Ellie were formidable challengers.

The Chain Game is a fun little system we came up with to see how many consecutive weeks a person can complete a minimum of three days of workouts. Every week in a row that a person completes the three-day goal, he or she adds one link to his or her active chain. For more information see this post! We've kept track all year, and now we can see who came out on top!


Five members managed to take on the full 52 week challange and complete it in its entirety. I am amazed that people were actually able to do that. Major congratulations to Dad, Ellie, Jade, JonTheBaptist, and Mom for kicking some serious butt!

They night before Thanksgiving, I challenged everyone to log a workout every day between then and New Years. Let's see who rose to the challenge?


Overall, fantastic job everyone! Congratulations to JTB and Dad for doing absolutely amazing. I think overall this challenge accomplished what I had envisioned, so thanks everyone for participating!

With that, the 2013 year is closed. The chain game will reset for 2014, and the leader board is refreshed. If you were waiting for a good time to get in on the game, do so now! *cough Kate cough*