I'm on the job hunt again. Since graduating from college in December 2011, I have been temping and interning and having trouble really finding something that sticks. While I'm looking for something to do full-time, I have much more time in each day. I've been really trying to keep a balance each day, spending time applying to jobs, doing research, and doing things I didn't get to do when I was spending 40 hours a week in an office. My laundry pile has never been so depleted, my dishes have never been cleaner, and my to-do lists have never been longer. And the item on my list that keeps getting pushed until tomorrow is the run. Why is this happening? Why was I better at getting out there in the cold after working 8 or 9 hours?

In the first week of 2014, when I vowed to being building my 52 week chain, I worked out 1 day, for a measly 40 AFP. The holidays, the polar vortex, and my way-to-much-free-time new schedule have caught me completely off guard and I am beginning to feel it. I am more tired, I feel sluggish, and my aching stomach is calling for reform.

I will be getting out there for a run today to see to where I've fallen. I guess the only way to get back in and establish a new routine is to just start doing it. I am not going to complain about having too much time, but I am going to counter anyone who says they don't have enough time to work out. Finding time is obviously not the problem, even with unlimited time, I have been neglecting my workouts. It's about alotting time and adding exercise to your routine, no matter how hectic.

I have big running plans for 2014, but none of them are going to come to fruition if I keep moving my miles to tomorrow's agenda. I need to see my extra time as an opportunity, and one we don't get often. I have the opportunity to lose my holiday weight and keep moving forward with my goals for the year. And so do you.