It’s time to start training seriously for the distance medley I’m committing to in just a short week’s time. I have printed out a Hal Higdon training guide and posted it on my refrigerator. The best way to achieve a running goal is to follow the schedule every day, without wavering. I am nervous that I’ll never be able to run more than three miles, so I am planning on training to be able to run six miles by the 5k race in April. If I can run six, the 5k won’t be a challenge, right?

I have mapped out the eight weeks needed to complete the 10k training by April 13th. It is an eight week program so I have to be able to complete week one by February 10th. Luckily, I already am at the starting level. Until then, I am planning to continue working out as I have been, running three days a week, swimming twice, and adding in an element of strength training.

The only way to achieve a goal you’ve set for yourself is to work hard. Don’t make excuses and don’t put things off until tomorrow. Just do it. Print out a schedule, and stick to it. The only way I’m going to be able to complete these races (5k, 10k, half marathon) is to train my butt off for the next nine months. And I’m ready.

If you’re interested in training with me, follow the link to the novice 10k training guide. Registration for the B.A.A. Distance Medley is January 22nd. See you all there!