I understand the need to produce catchy headlines and draw in readers in an extremely crowded and competitive digital media market . . .  but Bombogenesis . . . really? This is literally an article title.

Old Man Winter to Drop Bombogenesis

I was willing to let Polar Vortex slide because it had a nice ring to it, but Bombogenesis just sounds silly. Besides, when I try to look it up at first, I was unsuccessful.

Not a Word!

Not a Word!

Upon further search, I found a working definition:



bombogenesis (uncountable)

(meteorology) Rapid, or extreme cyclogenesis, often characterized by a barometric pressure drop of 24 millibars in a 24 hour period

But all that does is raise more questions. What the hell is cyclogenesis, so again, I look it up.

cyclogenesis (plural cyclogeneses)

(meteorology) the process which leads to the formation of tropical stormscyclones and hurricanes; typically involves an interaction that leads to vertical wind shear

Oh that makes perfect sense to me now, especially how it relates to weather patterns in the North East. Either way, it sounds to be like it would not be safe to run out side on account of the Bombogenesis dangers. I'm glad, because I needed a better excuse other than laziness. Even more, I feel like this is a good reason to call the kiddies out of school, I can see the titles now.

School Closings on account of incoming bombogenesis

Years from now think of the story we could tell about the Bomboday of 2014.