I’m in a period of pre-training right now. My eight-week training guide for the April 5k doesn’t start officially until the second week of February, so I’m taking this opportunity to ease back into working out. I never stopped, per se, but I was definitely not working out three times a week, or running on a regular schedule. 

This week so far I have gone for a run, I went to a 75-minute yoga class, and swam laps for 45 minutes on three different days. The way my body has responded to this increase in activity has surprised me in a couple ways. My ability to run two miles with ease, having not gone for a proper run in 3+ weeks, made me realize that I have actually built a good base, and I will never have to “work up to” two miles again! That’s really exciting for a long-time couch-sitter. The second thing that surprised me is how sore I was after doing yoga. Oh my god! I went to yoga Monday night and I’m still sore. My entire body hurt so badly on Tuesday I couldn’t walk without agonizing pain. Swimming yesterday really helped to stretch it all out, but really, I’m embarrassed by how difficult the class was and how destroyed I was the day after.

Stretching and increasing flexibility is an important part of any fitness regimen. Especially when I am running more often and longer distances, stretching it all out will be essential. I need someone to tell me that doing yoga more often will make me less horribly sore. Anyone? Please? If I am trying to use this as a means to be less sore from running, not to add pain in new places!

I just bought a nice new yoga mat, as many of you may remember the fate of my last one. I’m going to keep trying it out, and hopefully I will get better before my official start date! I’m going to start practicing basic poses at home, to start out a little bit slower than the 75-minute Astanga classes.