First, I’d like to express my condolences to anyone who was hoping to watch a good football game last night. That was, honestly, one of the least entertaining Superbowl games I can remember. Luckily, Bruno Mars was actually a stellar performer, the Budweiser commercials were adorable, and the hand-fried wings Mike and Dave made were delicious.

The Superbowl is one of those holidays that always has me reflecting on where I was a year ago. I’m not sure what it is about the big game that does this to me, but last night I got to think about everything, and I came out of it pretty happy with where I am now. I feel like things are really coming together, and I have 2 Fat Nerds to thank for a lot of it.

Yesterday, with the unseasonably warm high of 55, we got a little taste of spring. (I’m going to ignore the snow currently falling outside, with two more storm systems lurking for the rest of this week.) With the windows open, I got to air out the stale air from my apartment, and the early morning sunshine beckoned us. My boyfriend, Jeff, and I got out for a nice long walk from Cambridge to Charlestown for coffee. I love waking up and wanting to walk three miles for coffee, instead of begrudgingly walking outside through the snow to the closest caffeine available. During the walk it seemed like the city had come alive again. Everyone was out running, or walking their dogs, and the big down coats were left at home. It was a much needed break from the seemingly sinister New England winter.

Historic Charlestown

Historic Charlestown

The walk made me really excited for actual spring. I can’t wait to want to be outside again. One of my biggest issues with the winters up here is that it seriously cuts back on the “fitness as lifestyle” model. Sure, I’d love to walk instead of take the bus, not definitely not during the blizzard we seem to be getting every other week. Right now, I am doing the bare minimum in my workouts (albeit, I am following a schedule that has me out most days). It will be really nice when I can add more walking and biking to my daily routine!

Yesterday was the fresh air I needed to restart a little bit, and dive into my training with vigor and a deep breath. Spring is coming and I can’t wait to be in the best shape I’ve ever been to really enjoy the coming months!